Found a defect on my first B-bag ): Should I keep or return?

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  1. Hi guys, I'm at a dilemma regarding my first balenciaga bag. It's an Anthracite City with GGH that I purchased at I love the color and the leather of the bag but the moment I opened the parcel, I noticed a strange white spot on the right side of the bag. I thought that it might be due to dry leather so I tried moisturizing it lightly with leather honey but the spot has not gone away. It doesn't seem to appear under some lightings but it is very visible under sunlight. Here are some pictures of my bag. It would be great if you could give me your opinion as to whether or not I should return it and get another from or just keep the bag as it is. If anyone knows what that white spot is and how to get rid of it, please let me know too! :smile:

    Picture of the whole bag with flash

    Defect up close under sunlight, no flash

    Another shot of defect under sunlight

    Defect under flash (can't really see it anymore).
  2. I would not keep it. It'll annoy you no end and shouldn't be there on a brand new bag.
  3. I think I would return also. It should be perfect. There shouldn't be a problem getting another one right?
  4. I would return even if it's just for a piece of mind. Reorder it and make sure you tell the CSR/ SA that this one has white spots on it and to send you a newer one.
  5. I would return it. You did not pay for a defected bag and it would just annoy you if kept.
  6. I'll join in with the need to return this one for a replacement.
  7. This would not bother me... but if it bothers you, exchange/return it :yes:
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  8. Thanks for all your responses guys! Luckily for me, I managed to get the white spot out! I wanted to give it one last shot so I put on another layer of leather honey and started massaging that white spot with a microfiber cloth. The whitish stuff started peeling and at first I freaked out thinking that the leather was peeling off but after rubbing it more, it turns out that the entire white spot was just some glue residue. :sweatdrop: I have no idea how glue got there but I'm so glad that it all came out with leather honey conditioner.
  9. Good to know that you'll be keeping the bag then! Congrats :biggrin:
  10. That fantabulous news! Congrats on your new bag and enjoy it in good health.
  11. omg i'm glad everything worked out! congratulations on your first b-bag, the anthra GGH is amazing :loveeyes:
  12. That's fantastic news. Enjoy your new bag.
  13. Glad to see it came off. If it didn't I'd return it because it would bug me.
  14. GGH is definitely a keeper. Congratulations that you got the white spot off
  15. Awesome!