found a chanel j12 dimonds black

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  1. hi hope someone can help i found a chanel j12 with dimonds round the edge washed up on the river in london how can i tell if it is real and if there is any markings on it or anything on it that should point to a fake the watch has been in river so is in poor condition but has loads of dimonds around the edge any help with this please and if it was real how much would the dimonds be worth . ps it is a black watch thanks
  2. ^You found an abandoned watch by the river? :hrmm: Anyway, you'd have to take pictures of the watch and post them in the Authenticate This thread to get any real feedback... not here. Good luck. :smile:
  3. It would be helpful if you could post pictures of the watch. To be honest it's very difficult to know unless you take it to Chanel and have them open it to view the insides.

    But maybe if you could post pictures it might be an obvious fake.
  4. ok thanks for the fast replys yes found in the river thames at greenwich looks that its been in there for sometime thanks
  5. Please Post pics, I gotta see this.....
  6. :supacool:Bring the pixs on baby
  7. Well, this is a first lol!
    Is the watch v heavy, often the fakes are lightweight, but some fakes are good, so that is not to say that yours is authentic, I imagine that if it has been in a lake or river it would need Chanel repairs, and I am guessing they would know very quickly if it was real or not. Harrods has a watch division on the ground floor that can carry out repairs, and would be able to advise.
  8. I'm worried about it's previous owner, to find a watch washed up from the river, makes me think the owner could have had an "accident" there. Hope this is not the case :wtf:.

    I'm also curious to see photos of this watch.
  9. Well easy, take it to a local jeweler who has experience with diamonds. One look at the stones on the bezel with a 10X loupe and they will be able to tell whether they are genuine diamonds. If they are; then it is a genuine Chanel. If not, then it's fake.

    PS: Fake watches do not use real diamonds in case you didn't already know.
  10. Please update us with what you do and whether the watch is real or not.
  11. That was my first thought too :sad:. Unless it's fake, a $10,000 watch is not exactly something you're going to be throwing overboard. If it were mine, I'd have jumped into a shark tank to save it!
  12. I "only" paid £2,000 for my watch but my goodness I wont be parted from it either!!