Found a Chamois Edith!!!

  1. BIG, HUGE thanks to Goldensx5 who was able to catch her SA and let her know that I wanted the chamois Edith she just returned! I spoke to the SA a little while ago, and the chamois is MINE!!! Well, as soon as I call her back with payment info.:lol: I am so excited! Thanks so much Goldens!:nuts:
  2. Excellent networking! We can all be happy with a little help.
  3. Sweet! I can't remember, don't you have and love the Whiskey? Or have you not received her yet? In any case, can't wait to hear your review! My Saks guy is trying to make sure I get a Chamois but his haven't come in yet. I'm hoping I DON'T like it since I'm so content with my Whiskey.
  4. Congrats ET - I was just about to let you know I'd found you a Whiskey if you still wanted that one, but I guess you switched your mind to the Chamois when I wasn't looking! I really hope you love this one more - I'm thinking just the thought of the black mark on your handle put you off the Whiskey for good.

    If anyone is still looking for a medium Whiskey or medium Grey, just PM me and I'll give you each of the SA's names and info.
  5. Is it the large size which is 1720.00 or the medium one which is 1275.00? I am looking for the large size one.
  6. ^^Oh yeah, DUH.... how could I forget ET's black-handle mis-hap?? :sad2: :sad2: :sad2:
  7. Ahhh... so nice. I am SO glad you were able to get one. I hope you love it. Let us know when you get it! Congratulations on what I hope is a happy ending for you and Edith!
  8. i am so happy it worked out for you and you found one.
  9. the medium one is 1275.00. are you sure you want the large? it is huge. i havenot seen it around, just in pictures.
  10. the large chamois has been popping up often on NM/BG online for preorder lately. You might find it easily there if you keep checking.
  11. Right Daisy, the black mark! I still have it...LOVE the whiskey color, but want to check out the chamois before I make the final call. Please don't let me keep both! Also, I just (sort of out of the blue) sold one of my lighter colored bags, so the chamois may be a better fit now for my wardrobe.
  12. Ack - you and me both! (found one - I think) :wacko: Last night I was surfing and having some wine while DH was watching the basketball game. My experience talking to the SA yesterday (very negative about being able to get hands on a chamois) made me want one! So the wine made me bid on leshent's chamois. :shame: I knew you were staying away from eBay so I wasn't worried about taking away an option - and I think he lowered his price cuz it's not as high as I remembered. Anyway, today I have a red wine hangover and a freaking fear that no one is going to outbid me! :amazed: About an hour to go.... bites nails... how am I going to explain this to DH, or to Chucky for that matter? :weird: I blew the rule of don't drink-n-shop!

    So glad you found your chamois though - the perfect scenario! When does it arrive?
  13. LOL, Blu!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. I don't think you've done a bad thing here. The price isn't bad and leshent is a great seller. I just hope you like it!
  14. I can't wait to see your photos!
  15. and i just found my grey (thank you, style101). this is a good day for ediths!