Found a cache of sale Chloe Bags at Nordies r/o

  1. I spoke to Kathy at the Washington Square Nordstrom in Oregon, and she found me a black Silverado Tote for $639. woohoo I'm thrilled!:yahoo:

    Her # is 503-620-0555 ext 1250

    She still has an Edith satchel with shoulder strap, A chocolate Betty Satchel, a Messenger ($549) Silverado Satchels in black & tan ($719) Silverado side gathered totes in black & tan ($639)

    If anyone's still looking you might want to give her a call.

    Also she said this is the last year for the silverado, so if you want one now's the time.
  2. Any paddies?
  3. I don't think so, but you can call and check, since they get returns all the time. A Nordies SA found me a paddy shopper yesterday for around $700.
  4. :nuts: I'm freaking out right now, today must be my day for chloe sales. I just spoke with Kathy and she still has the bags listed I'm going to buy the edith satchel:yahoo:. I just bought a silverado this morning from Nordie at the grove for $600. What a day:wlae: .
    Thanks for the post sparkledust;)
  5. You're so welcome! enjoy your new additions!
  6. There's a lovely greyish (sorry I don't know my Silverado colors) Silverado hobo at Nordstrom Valley Fair (408) 248-2180. I think it has the 2 front pockets and looks to be medium in size. Best SA to ask for there is Georgette.
  7. Oh, be sure to post pics!!! :yahoo:
  8. Kathy at WA Square is fabulous - she tracked down my first paddy for me last year! I was at that store Monday and didn't see any sale stuff so it must've been in the back (whew!)

    At the Downtown Nordstrom (Portland OR), I saw: tan, chamois and a purplish Silverado tote(s) in the $600 range :nuts: and 2 brown Betty styles. Check with Laura or Violet (503) 224-6666 x 1250 - they are dolls too!
  9. was it the really large tote shopper? Retails around $1700-1900?
  10. Yes, it was the black on black open top shopper.
  11. I got the betty satchel in chocolate! I'm on a spending ban but I figured if it was on sale! Anybody else have/get a betty? I think mine is the medium satchel but not exactly sure what dimensions it is...

    sparkledust you're such an enabler!! :flowers:
  12. Was it the patent leather? That bag is HOT!
  13. I'm still looking for Betty Hobo in black if anyone spots one that's been returned. I made some calls today but no luck.


    I always seem to decide on a bag long after it's available and then torture myself trying to find it (maybe I find this task fun in some sick way). I tracked down a Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Bowler in black earlier this month but decided the straps were too short for me. I Sold it on ebay this week for $600. I am considering the chamois Betty at NM/Bergdorfs but I've just started the bag obsession and think I should choose a more practical color to start my collection. Keep your eyes open and thank you.
  14. Did Nordstrom check their entire system? I had returned one a couple of weeks ago. I don't know if they put it back on the floor but I can call and check since I have the UPC number.