Found a black Coco Cabas but...

  1. It was a return and the reason was that the small line of stitches on the bottom of the bag had come off. It's on the diamond pattern on the side of the bag and it seems that one side of the diamond pattern stitching is unravelling. I get employee discount off of it and maybe additional damage discount as well. Should I get this bag and have it fixed by Chanel? Do you think Chanel will fix the stitching? I really want this bag and it fits so perfectly on my shoulder. I must decide by tomorrow morning!
  2. will they allow you to send it to Chanel for free repair if you get discounts on it?

    If so, then yep!
  3. The same thing happened with my black baby cabas and it was sent out for repair. I should get it back tomorrow or the day after and I am hoping that it looks okay. If you have a little time to wait, I would be happy to let you know how mine turned out when I get it back!
  4. If you get a really really good discount then i would do it. If not then i don't think its worth it.
  5. It's actually from a department store so I would be willing to pay extra for the repair at Chanel boutique if needed. Do you know how much it runs?
  6. chanel should fix it for you for free.
  7. My Chanel boutique wouldn't send out my sunnies that I bought at NM. . .
  8. The same thing happened to my cabas so I returned it. I used it for a little over a month and the stitches started unravelling big time at the bottom. It was scary, once you pull on the loose end it would go straight from one diamond box to the next:push: I switch my bags quite often so when you consider the amount of use it got, it wasnt really much. Chanel was charging me $45 for repair but I declined. I paid full price for mine and figured I wasnt willing to have a bag that would need repair every so often and i'm quite sure it would happen again. I think if you get a significant discount on it, you might be ok though. I still have another cabas and i've started carrying it for 2 weeks now...and so far so good. I just hope this one stays in tact. It's a great bag and i'm so in love with it. Good luck with what you decide:smile: