Found a bag i have to have!!!!

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  1. I absolutely adore BV, although i only currently own one tiny coin purse, as i can't really afford the bags. However joy of joys i have happened upon this divine little bag, which isn't too small that its not useable, yet it is affordable (for me) or at least will be in a couple of months. I just hope it will still be available then. Anyway i'll have to describe the bag as i don't have a clue how to post links. It can be found on the Browns website or the BV website. Browns describe it as a mini bag with woven circle design in deerskin. I have to have it. Its also featured in the currant ad campaign. I loved it when i saw it, but thought it would be out of my price league, but its not:yahoo: Anyway just thought i'd share my joy with you all. I often lurk on the BV forum and admire all your beautiful bags. I can dream :girlsigh:
  2. Once you see and feel the quality of BV, it's hard not to think about getting one of your own. It sounds like a lovely bag (they all are)--I hope you learn to post pics (it took me awhile too) so we can all admire and drool!
  3. This one? (pics from Browns)


    It's Cervo Drop Bag in S/S 08 catalogue page 38, no? I love it too and this pic in my opinion is not doing this little beauty justice!! It's certainly devine. Yay for your wonderful find!!:flowers:
    BV mini with woven circle.jpg BV mini with woven circle 2.jpg
  4. Congratulation on finding your dream bag, littleblackbag.
    It's really pretty!
  5. Ohh that's a lovely bag and the ossidato colours are so special. I hope you get it LBB.
  6. Wonderful bag - I hope you get it!
  7. Yes thats the bag, gorgeous isn't she? I just hope and pray she doesn't sell out before i get the chance to own her. I really really want it :love:
  8. Saw this gorgeous purse last week at the BV boutique! Pictures don't do it justice - one needs to hold it and see the color variations when the light hits it. Good luck....
  9. Ooooh, it is real purdy... hope you can get it littleblackbag!!!
  10. i really love the color it is so pretty!
  11. Nice choice! I think this color and design are eye-catching.
  12. Oooh! It's definitely pretty! :love:

    G'luck on holding out for your first BV. It'll be worth the wait! :yes:
  13. Gorgeous little bag, and yeah for being in your price range!! I started out in BV with a similar little bag, and it was all downhill for me and my bank account!
  14. Beautiful bag, and your bag is pretty in your avatar Syma.
  15. Thank you ladies for sharing my excitement. I just hope i can hold out. i seem to be tempted by so much at the moment.