Found a baby owl in my yard today... cuteness inside!!

  1. My dog was out side sniffing around a lot this morning, so we went to go see what he was so interested in and saw this little guy... probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. We live in the woods and have a family of Barred Owls that live in the trees in our front yard, and he must have fallen out of his nest. He was fine and unharmed, just chilling out on the leaves. We gave him food (wet dog food as suggested) and some water and kept an eye on him all afternoon (we were told the mama owl would probably pick him up eventually).




    Heres the parent owl a few days ago, huge mean looking thing
  2. aww he is the cutest little thing! Let us know if the mama owl gets him.
  3. OMG OMG he is sooo cute! He doesn't even look real!!!

    I hope the mama owl reclaims him.

    Let me know if I can help you track down any wildlife rescues if she doesn' are so sweet to help the little fella! :smile:
  4. after watching the little guy all day from a distance, the mama did not claim him and it was starting to get HOT out. too hot for him. we contacted animal controll earlier and they are the ones who told us about the wet dog food, and to take him to a certain vetranarian a few towns over who will take care of him (if not picked up by the mama) until a bird rescue/sanctuary will pick him up and raise him well. BUT he is fine and wil be treated very well from here on out. I did sit with him outside for a while this morning just to make sure he was ok and not in any pain. he was SO cute, he just kind of watched me and kept dozing off, moved around a bit, took another nap.. he was very calm.

  5. OMG how adorable. Glad he was found and will now get proper care. I wonder what happend to his mom.
  6. Theyre still around, I saw her a few times today and was hoping shed pick him up, but she didnt. I feel really bad that hes not with his mom, but we did what we could :sad:

    a couple more:


  7. Well you did alot for the little guy! He is adorable!
  8. OHHHH..!!!

    did he fall out of his nest?? I hope his mamma reclaims him...he's so precious!
  9. The sad thing is, the mom probably rejected him.

    I'm glad it's getting proper care, though.
  10. That little guy is so cute.
    It's so nice of you to look after him.

    Pls keep us posted.
  11. YAY for you--it's so great that you are taking care of the little muffin!!! :yahoo:

    Wildlife rehabilitation places do great things with the animals they help--this little guy will likely grow up and be released into the wild! If he can't be released into the wild (or chooses to stay) he could still have a happy life. YAY for you again!
  12. How adorable! Good job helping the little guy out. He'll be fine!
  13. SO CUTE!!!! ...... those pics are great.
  14. Soo adorable! That is so cool that you have owls living in your front trees. Great pics!
  15. he is sooo cute and its good to know you took care of him.