Fought 3 Ladies at the Outlet For This!

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  1. While my car is getting detailed I decided to make a quickie trip to the outlet and take a peek.

    I was almost ready to leave when I spotted this beauty hiding on the bottom shelf. I've wanted this bag since it was released last year but it was way out of my price range. Retail is $798. Today I paid $178! And I had three women try to take it out of my hands in the way to the register. My closest outlet is huge with resellers because there's no sales tax and they come from Canada on bus trips. It was insane today with the holiday!

    Thankfully I made it out alive!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392664305.103236.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392664317.805447.jpg
  2. Oh wow total score!!
    Congrats. It's a gorgeous bag.
  3. Woohoo! Another MMA fighter. :bagslap:You go girl! You grabbed a nice looking bag. Love that suede! Three of them, huh? The bar has been raised.... I need to add some weight to my bar tomorrow. Got to keep up for my next outlet trip!

    Next time you tell those Canadian resellers that if they try to steal your bag again you're calling the green bus. That'll be a fun trip back to the border. :cool:
  4. I am seeing a new trend here on ain't pretty, but the bags we are ending up with after battle are gorgeous! I remember all of the reveals when this came out - enjoy!
  5. Wow! Great, amazing score!!! Congrats and enjoy your beauty! :smile:
  6. OMG - you are a riot! I love it! :lol:
  7. Is your outlet's current clearance discount 65 or 70% off with 10% coupon? I'd have them check the price because you should have gotten the 65/70% off the $199.99 then additional 10%.

    Congrats by the way, bag twins!

  8. The fliers they handed out when you walk in said clearance was 70% off retail (priced as marked), then the additional 10%. $199 is actually 75% off retail and then I got the 10%, making it $179.
  9. You shld call store to make sure
  10. LoL!!!
  11. OMG gorgeous! Congrats fighter ;)
  12. Beautiful bag! Congrats!!!
  13. Then they're applying the discount differently from most outlets. All of mine would take the 70% off the last marked price.
  14. Mine too

  15. Yeah now I'm confused. 70% off retail is more expensive than I paid. It said priced as marked though that's why I didn't think twice. I'll call!