Foster Parents - Fur kids

  1. It is not me he has to convince. I told him he really need to work on Hubby if he wants to stay. This morning Hubby came down and told me he was just sitting with and petting Tommy in my reading chair and that Tommy was just purring away. That sounds like Tommy magic to me. :p Now he just has to turn it up full blast. LOL Between that and your "kitteh Committeh" hopefully he is home.

  2. keep him...keep him...keep him
  3. He is just lovely!

    Why did he need an amputation? It looks like it is healing well.

  4. He was hit by a car after someone threw him onto the highway. :cry: Hopefully that person will have a long, horrible, painful death. What kind of monster does that??? Especially to such a sweet little cat!

    Me and Tommy are trying our best to convince hubby he needs to stay. Keep the "keep him" thoughts coming hubby's way. :p

  5. Oh the poor little thing. Seriously, wtf is wrong with people? At least someone rescued him from the road. He could have been killed! I hope whoever did it roasts forever.

  6. Cindi

    Tommy is adorable. Sending my "keep him" thoughts your way :-0).
  7. My little ones are still doing the chant, too......keephimkeephimkeephimkeephimkeephimkeephimkeephim.......
  8. keep him...keep him...keep him...

    Be sure to put purry little snorts in Mr. Cindi's ear. Peoples can't resist the purr-snorts. :hbeat:

    keep him...keep him...keep him...
  9. Cindi, where are you located? I am actually trying to adopt through some PA shelters and the foster moms that I have tried to contact don't seem to ever reply!
  10. I volunteer with 2 rescues. One is in Philadelphia, PA and one is in Allentown, PA (about an hour from Philly). I am about 45 minutes from Philly. The 2 rescues are called NAR (Northeast Animal Rescue) and The Cat Shack. I don't know why they wouldn't reply. How are they going to get their fosters adopted?? What type of pet are you looking for?

  11. Oh boy! All you foster parents are just phenomenal!! If I were a foster parent I would end up being called the crazy cat lady of the city!
  12. Cat! I have two and want a that is playful for my one kitty since the other likes to be on her own. I have been approved and have emailed several foster parents and heard back from 2. I'm getting really frustrated. I am actually trying in Philly.
  13. I have 2 foster cats at my house. 2 girls about 9-10 months each. Both VERY friendly lap cats and very playful. Molly is an orange tabby and Mary Jane is black and white. Here are their pages: They are from The Cat Shack.

    Or you can check out NAR's website. They are the group in Philly.

  14. Bah! Well I live almost 2 hours away and I see that you guys only adopt an hour. What if I drove to pick them up rather than have them delivered?

    PS: I fostered once and her name was Molly...and I love your Molly!....wink wink... :smile:
  15. I LOVE blossom too on the NAR site!!