Foster Parents - Fur kids

  1. They are so BAD but so darn cute! :p They have decided they ARE going to sit on my lap and putting them down 100 times each is not going to deter them one bit. It wouldn't be so bad if they would just sit there but they think the mouse pointer on my screen is a great game and I can't get any work done. LOL

  2. i tried to bring my laptop into the kitten room once... yea... bad idea. i couldn't hardly get any work done without worrying that they were going to step on a wrong key lol
  3. I went downstairs to grab lunch and when I camen back the calculator function was open on my computer screen with strange symbols in the field. :p Maybe they were trying to help??

  4. haha - could be! mine made some weird screen pop up and like i'm oh on what button did you push!?!?! lol
  5. Ha - Eamonn made me call our IT department the other day. I left the laptop for a moment and when I came back he was sitting on the keyboard. When I lifted him off, he'd somehow flipped the desktop screen upside down.
    Luckily, IT manager is also a rescue worker so understands these things......:biggrin:
    I suppose I'm lucky he didn't pee on it (Eamonn, not the IT guy....).
  6. i just let my kittens out of their room..... so far so good... not a whole lot of hissing....
  7. Normally I don't drive transports two weekends in a row but I am this time! Two Min Pins, one Corgi and a German Shorthaired Pointer. Good thing the other three are all little!
  8. Sabrina has had about enough of these kittens. Even her constant hiss and swat routine will not deter them. LOL They seem to like her. She jumped up on my my desk and said she has had enough and will be hanging up here from now on. I won't let kittens on my desk so she is safe. :p They are so sweet though. I'm sure they will get adopted soon. And whoever gets them is really getting an amazing couple of kittens. They love to cuddle and are not afraid of anything. Perfect.
  9. Lol. She looks pissed
  10. haha! I think my Sunday is looking like that constantly too as she sits are her few perches she can find (my table and a bookshelf)
  11. Mya and Mia are going to our adoption center at Petsmart tonight. I will miss them but it is better they get the exposure while they are still little. They are so adorable and sweet they should get scooped up quickly. Good luck girls! Remember no climbing of drapes. LOL
  12. Good luck, little ones! Have happy, happy lives. Cindi, will the adoption centre try to find them a home together?
  13. :cry:

    Good luck little ones
  14. If there is more than 1 applicant they would choose the person that wants them both over just one. But they are both very adaptable and as long as they have a playmate to go home to they will adopt them separately. Fingers crossed they go together. Tommy is missing Mya tonight. I swear that cat though he was her mom and she had convinced him as well. LOL I took some last minute pics and will try to post them soon.

  15. good luck little kitties!!!

    i think my first foster furballs were already adopted. i keep checking the website to see if their photos and info is posted yet but they haven't been since i dropped them off and it's been almost 2 weeks. and the shelter keeps promoting how many kittens they have available for adoption. i knew those cuties would get scooped up quickly!