Foster Parents - Fur kids

  1. Yay Simone!!!
  2. Much joy and happiness in your furever home Simone :heart:
  3. Hi All

    Maybe someone can help me I am trying to post pics of my most recent foster dog and it is telling me that it is too large. Is there an easy way to post pics that are the right size? Thanks alot

    Since December I have fostered 5 dogs but I was a "foster failure" for one of them and we ended up adopting him ourselves:p

  4. Congratulations on your 'failure'!

    If you have a Photobucket account you can upload your photos there and they can be resized.
  5. Thanks poopsie I will try that when I get home tonight. The newest foster (a Westie) weighs 25 pounds!!!!! but he is a cutie. He is 5 years old but he has not learnt how to do his business outside :-0(.
  6. Since PB has changed their editing software to something inoperable you might want to try FotoFlexor. That was the simple program that PB was using before. Or just post 'em big! :p
  7. Simone update: The potential adopter decided she couldn't afford to adopt Simone. I am sad for Simone but better to find out now than have her not be able to care for her. The right person will come along. Until then she will stay here and be kept in the furry mice, cat tree, cat nip and wet food lifestyle she has become accustomed to. LOL
  8. Oh, that's sad - but at least you found out before she'd been moved.
    She is adorable, so I know the right Furever Home will come along soon....
  9. Oh noes!

    i wish I lived closer...........I think Simone would fit in well here. She is such a beauty.

    How is Sabrina getting along?
  10. I wish you lived closer too! Believe it or not Sabrina has decided she is my lap cat. The other day Sabrina was rubbing on my legs so I picked her up and put her on my lap. She actually layed down, purred and gave me some contented drool. I was beyond shocked. She stayed about 10 minuted and jumped down. The next day she jumped up on the arm of my chair and when I leaned back she came to sit on my lap. What do you know, she is a lap cat after all! YAY!


  11. Amazing what a calm, loving environment can do, isn't it? Poor thing, I can't imagine what she was subjected to that made her so bad.
  12. i think i'm going to apply to be a pet foster home.
    I currently have 3 cats (did have 4 until this past october). I've been communicating a bit with the local shelter, they're big into having fosters for the animals that dont' do so well in the shelter.
    I have to fill out an app and they do a vet reference check and then do a home visit. guess that means i'll have to clean my house lol

    they take care of all medical stuff, the adoptables are all up to date on shots but they told me there is a chance that a 'kitty cold' could be passed on since being in the shelter stuff gets passed around easily.

    one thing i'm not sure of, my cats are all up to date on their regular shots. EXCEPT i think distemper. which the vet told me I only have to get every 3 years because my cats aren't around 'other' cats and don't go outside. so do you think i should call up the vet and get them in for that shot?
  13. When you bring in fosters you need to make sure your cats are up to date on everything they might need. Foster cats usually come off the streets and no matter how great the vet there are things that don't always show right away, especially with kittens. It is wonderful of you to foster. It's a lot of work sometimes but always worth it when the new adopters e-mail you to say how happy they are with their new baby. Also don't go crazy on the cleaning. Make things neat but don't worry to much about it. I would rather have my foster cat in a house where it is okay if things aren't perfect. I can't wait to hear your foster stories. :smile:
  14. I need to double check my vet records to see what shots they got. i know they did get rabies since that's required by the city and they got one other one.

    i'm still on the fence about it, i'm VERY nervous that i'll get attached to one or that one of my cats will get attached to the foster. I would have a million if i could afford it! (and if the city allowed it ;) ) but I figure i might as well fill out the paper work and at least get approved so then if i DO decide to do it then I'm ready.

    I wonder if they would let me foster other animals besides cats. they have all sorts of animals that need fosters, animals, dogs, hamster, rats, PIGS lol although i don't think i'll take on a pig, but it's kinda fun.

    i have always wanted to foster but with dotcom there was no way no how that a new cat was going to be able to come into our house. it was pretty difficult when i brought meeko home nearly 6 years ago. but now with him gone it's a possibility although I do not know how meeko will react to a new cat brought into the house (he's the youngest). sunday still gets a bit diva around meeko even after 6 years so she might be my problem child but not anywhere near the amount of anger dotcom would get when he was around a new cat lol
  15. The secret to JUST fostering is to get it in your mind 100% that you are there to prepare the pet for their forever home, period. He/she is someone's pet and you are just there to teach them about love and trust, get them healthy and socialized and send them on to their new home. It is not easy to think this way (not for me anyway) but that is what you have to do.