1. Woah...out of all the things they could of used to make a bangle, they chose a tusk??? shouldn't they put it in a museum or something?
  2. ^^I just dont understand people these days.
  3. I agree...should be in a museum, not on a wrist.
  4. And if you ARE going to make it into a piece of jewelry, at least make it into something PRETTY!
  5. aww, im sorry but i think its cute :shame:
  6. :shrugs: Please knock??? I agree, museum!
  7. ^ This one's even worse:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. ergh...I just don't see how its even feasable that they are allowed to do this.
  9. I feel if you are going to use something like this for jewelry, you should take some time to make something that celebrates the medium. I like these, which are made out of fossilized walrus tusk.
    zealandia_earring3.jpg zealandia_pendant2.jpg zealandia_pin1.jpg
  10. Here are some more.
    zealandia_earring5.jpg zealandia_pendant4.jpg zealandia_pendant5.jpg
  11. Someone please explain to me the relevance of their quotes?!