Fossil Handbags

  1. What does everyone think of Fossil handbags?? I was browsing on their site and love the Fifty-Four Jackie Hobo in rust. Also, how is the leather? Thanks.
  2. I have one. I bought it about three years ago, but I really haven't carried it a lot in the last year. I carried it maybe three times back then, though, and it was sturdy; the design is very pretty. Their price range is decent, so I kind of look at their stuff occasionally to see if anything "grabs" me, but lately nothing has.
  3. I have a big leather hobo from the Fossil outlet. The leather doesn't feel that nice, but it looks great. Overall, I love the bag. I get tons of compliments on it! :tup:
  4. I had a Fossil wallet that I absolutely adored. I've been trying to find a new one.
  5. I don't really have a thing for them, but just yesterday I saw a bag I really liked in Macy's - it was a hobo style purse with flowers at a pretty good price. So some of their stuff is nice.

  6. we have a large Fossil outlet close by, and I really do like a few of their designs. Here's one of my favorite Fossil bags....
    fossil1 (Small).JPG
  7. I think some of their new bags are better than some of their older styles.
  8. My mom had a Cargo bag (old style from Fossil) and she abused that thing and wore it everyday for over a year and it still looked great but the zipper finally broke. I felt the leather on a new Fossil in Macy's awhile back and it was very soft and kind of thick for the reasonable price.
  9. I had a Fossil bag that I received as a gift from my boyfriend's mom. It was nice, but I ended up selling it, because it was too small for me. The clutches with the big stones on them from the Fifty Four line are really cute.
  10. They are really making some cute new purses now. Much nicer (but alas more expensive) than their earlier ones.
  11. I think their designs are nice, although their leather is not as soft as some other brands.
  12. oh my gosh this is really nice!! it looks close to the Fendi Spy....
  13. I like Fossil and have several really cute pieces. I bought a clothe sort of hippy style purse for a vacation last year that was perfect for traveling. I didn't worry about carrying it and setting it on the plane floor. :smile: I also have a couple of wallets but they're sitting in the closet while I use my D&B and Coach. :smile:
  14. I just picked up two great Fossil bags at the outlet. I'll post pictures of them for you when I get a minute--they're both a hobo style with a middle zipper and slim side pockets--great silhouette--one is pebbled red leather and the other is a moss green pebbled leather.

    I've been looking for just this style for awhile now, and they were marked down 60% off MSRP (which was $138 each)...

    It's the same leather as the bag I posted earlier in this thread...
  15. I have a multi-patchwork cloth one that I recently picked up..its a small messanger style and is great for casual days with jeans. Lots of pockets in it too, so I like it! (and got it on sale for $30 which is a plus) :tup: