1. Can someone please tell me what FOS stands for? Thank you.
  2. Factory Online Sale
  3. Thank you!
  4. Or, "Full Of S***" which is ironically what the pricing amounts to on the FOS.
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. since we're on the subject of these factory sales- I used to get invited on eBay all the time, and it stopped out of nowhere about 2 months ago even though I bought something with almost every invite. So I signed up for the factory online sales, and finally got invited...but only got invited once, and never again.
    What is the deal with the invites?!
  7. I never get invites but I just log in on Monday and Wednesday mornings and I can view and shop.
  8. Oh! So once you've been invited you can log on those days and see what's for sale? I figured I'd get some kind of email
  9. Yes. Try it on Monday. I get email invites sometimes. It doesn't even matter. I used to think that I need the email invites first then I would wait for weeks until one day I just log on and I was able to have access.