FOS Packable Totes Question

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  1. Who has one, and what are your thoughts/opinions on it? I got one on clearance, with the intention for using it like a beach/poolside bag. I was hoping to get some feedback on how it has held up, and if anyone has used it for that purpose. TIA!
  2. I don't have the packable tote style. However, I have the Poppy print folding tote (style #62112), and I use it as a reusable grocery bag. I fill it up constantly with extremely heavy items, and it has held up just fine. I am thinking the packable tote would hold up to beach/poolside use with no problems.
  3. I have one and use it for a gym bag. I've had it since they came out and it has held up really well! It's great having the little pouch inside. I took my tote to the pool a few times last year and would stick my phone and keys in the pouch to keep them safe and from going to the bottom of the bag. Hope this helps! :smile:
  4. I have one in large size.
    I use mine as weekend trip bag. It holds a lot but bag itself is so light and easy to carry.
    I will use as a carry on bag for airplane trip too( I got two kids and have lot's to carry). It's been holding up very well too.
    Very happy with mine:smile:

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  5. I have the large size and have been using it as a gym bag for a few months now. It holds a lot and still looks new.
  6. I have a large one and a smaller one...the smaller one stays in my car for anything that needs to be carried when I don't have a bag for it....(like out on shopping expeditions when I want to combine packages for ease in carrying!)...the large one I have used many times for weekend getaways- I find it holds EVERYTHING I need plus some. Very light-weight and easy to carry. The pack that you stow it in is certainly large enough to hold toiletries and clips inside very securely. I love it and am thinking of getting another one- just to have a different colour/pattern! Bought the large one as a gift for several people this past Christmas- and everyone is delighted with theirs!
  7. I bought large one and had to return as I am short and when I held it would fall on the floor! and i do not like bags that could be only carried on a shoulder.

    i bought a medium size and want to get another one, medium is not big enough for major trips but is roomy enough for carrying things here and there. it would be perfect for a beach
  8. Thanks for all the replies! I am happy to hear all the positive feedback on these!