Forum very slow?

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  1. Hi guys, don't know if it's just me, but the pages are loading very slooooowwww.... :sleepy:

    When opening a thread, it takes a long time before it appears or it doesn't even appear at all. I don't have any problems with other websites, so please tell me that I'm not the only one :hysteric:
  2. I have had the same exact problem since about yesterday. I am on a mac and use safari browser.
  3. I was having this problem yesterday but today it's been fine so far
  4. There is currently some network latency (delays) happening in our datacenter, the techs are working on getting it resolved. This may be the cause of it.
  5. Thanks for letting us know, Vlad!
  6. :yes: happening on/off for me too :sad:
  7. it wont let me on my firefox explorer at alll...the purseblog will come up but not the forum. i have to go on through internet explorer which is a pain in the butt....anyone else having this problem?
  8. Same thing is happening to me ON and OFF..Thanxx for working on it VLAD:smile:
  9. I am still experiencing this problem on and off also.