Forum Slow today?

  1. Is it me or is this forum running slower today?:sad:
  2. No, seems slow to me too.
  3. Yes to me too!
  4. Ooooo, thought it was just me!
  5. Thought it was my computer-but, guess not. I am sure it is being worked on-this board has a ton of members and at any given time there are anywhere from 600 on up people viewing.
  6. It's slow for me too. And it was slow last night. Glad to know it's not just my computer!
  7. I am aware of the problem and working on resolving it!
  8. ^ Great!! Thanks!

  9. Thanks!
    I noticed something was wrong as this a.m. I logged in from home - this site was slow. Other sites were not.

    Now I'm in the office on another computer and this is the only site that is slow.
  10. YAY Its fast again!
  11. We keep tweaking!!!!!!!
  12. LOL, I am such a nerd. For me, tPF was slow all day and I was SO sad and bored at work! :p
  13. This evening it is going at a snail's pace... Very, very slow.... Just thought I'd report it in case there is something that can be done...

    Edit: It took several minutes just for this "quick reply" to finally post.

  14. Oh. I thought it was just my computer. Earlier tonight I was getting frustrated. LOL
  15. Tonight, too. Some actions are fast and others are slooooow. It cuts down on how much I can look at and post, unfortunately. Too many people in the evening?