Forum slow and timing out today 3-28-08

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  1. All day the forum has been slow and has been timing out. I will click on a thread and the status bar will move slowly and then I will get the "Page cannot be displayed" error.
  2. This happens to me a lot too. I think it happens at least once a day!
  3. It's running slow again for me, too.
  4. Thanks for the note, I'll have the techs look into it.
  5. Happening to me as well, tonight. Also, none of the avatars or photos are showing up.
  6. ugh! i'm having the same problem. everything takes soooo long to load and some pics, avys won't show up. :Push: :sad:
  7. same here too.....thumbnails photos not showing up and everythings going slow :confused1:
  8. Yep same....slow, time outs, no thumbnails, no avatars...agghh withdrawal symptoms :lol:
  9. same here, no avatars and attachment pic show up.

    I thought my mac had a problem.
  10. Yep same issue here
  11. okay, it seems to be better now. still a bit slow but at least the pictures are showing. :biggrin:
  12. Lately almost every night, the response time on tPF has really gotten bad. I could fall asleep before the page will move after I click on a thread. I just tried to post a thread and it never came back. ?????

  13. I thought it was just my computer. Atleast once a day if not more!