Forum rules question

  1. Hello all
    I read through the guidelines but I am not really certain so I'm asking the members and mods here.

    I have noticed a fellow forum member that is looking for a particular pair of shoes that I may be able to help her get. This is *not* in the "request help" thread, but rather on the member's signature. Am I allowed to contact her for help or not?
    In a similar case where a forum member had posted in the thread I replied and helped, but if it is not in the official thread, would I be breaking any rules?

    Thank you
  2. no you would not.
  3. that's the point of of putting it in your siggy--to alert others of what you're looking for in case they never go into that thread. i never visit that thread but have alerted members to items i have seen that they are looking for
  4. Unless you are actually selling the item. If you approach her to sell something, that is breaking the forum rules, no?
  5. Hi!
    Let me see if this may help . . .

    You may give her info like which store/SA has it as long as YOU are not the SA.
    You may tell her where on eBay you saw it as long as YOU are not the seller.
    You may not get the item{s} for her, this is an exchange of product and $$ and is not allowed.

    I hope this helps? :tender:

  6. Thank you all for your replies.
    And no, I am most definitely neither the seller, nor the SA and certainly not the shop-owner :smile:
    Thank you all!
  7. :tup: One of the best things about tPF is people helping others finding their HG items. If you can help and stay within our rules that fantastic!!