Forum re-organisation!

May 7, 2007
I PM'd Prada's Meadow (a MOD) last night about the re-organisation of the forum!

As you can see she has made a few more stickies.

We are talked about setting up some 'sections' in the top section of the forum where we would possibly have:-

A Reference section - for Authenticate This and Chaz's Amazing Collonil pics.
A Shopping section - for deals etc.
A Photo section - for the Catwalk Thread, Bits and Bobs Thread and Mulberry Families thread.
A Club section - for the Rockin' Roxanne Thread and a new Brilliant Bayswater Thread.
A Meeting section - where we could post our threads and arrangements for our meets.

Does this meet with everybody's approval?

It would mean that our favourite threads are not lost and don't have to be 'bumped' all the time.



Jun 24, 2006
We definitely need these sections, as with the search function down it makes finding the threads you want really hard as it is. :search:

This is fantastic sign though - can you remember when the Mulberry gang were just out there in the wild, lost, lonely and roaming free? Now we're all together, we have a home of our own, and that home is growing big enough for sections, by gum!!!

Yay, us! :woohoo:

:cutesy::drinkup::party::drinks::dothewave: :balloon: