Forum Jump Addition

  1. Can the MP be added to the forum jump tool thingy. It would make my life a lot easier and tPF a lot easier to navigate. And if a non member tries use the jump tool it could just come up to the Application page maybe? So how bout it MPers. Anyone else want this?
  2. bump
  3. Done! Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. yay! thanks, very helpful.....:tup:
  5. Thankyou SO much Vlad. This makes my PF browsing like 1000x easier.
  6. Thanks, Vlad!! I wanted that too! :rochard:
  7. Thanks so much!!!!!
  8. OK.. I give up.... the "jump addition" sounds great but can someone explain exactly what it is and how to access it. Thanks!!
  9. I found it!! That's such a cool feature!:tup: