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  1. Hellooo my fellow Tokidoki lovers. :graucho::graucho:

    I just wanted to let you know that I will be the new moderator for this forum - so if you have any problems/concerns, drop me a PM. :yahoo:


  2. yayy we have a mod! hi beatrice ...i'm Jessaka :biggrin:
  3. thanks!!!

    ps did I even tell you I love your hamster (?) avatar pic?
  4. Hooray, welcome Beatrice! :flowers:

  5. Aww.. yay, I love hamsters too. I got the picture from cuteoverload, possibly the best website ever (besides tPF ;)).

    And Jessaka - I loooove Gloomy Bear, he's so cute !~
  6. Hiya Beatrice~! We have a MOD! *Clap clap*
  7. YAY! Hi Beatrice! :p I'm aileen aka leen
  8. yay.. Hiya Beatrice... I'm Danelys aka Chicken Chaser.. It's from the game sorry..hehe:p
  9. ooh yay!! we have our own mod now!! Hi Beatrice :biggrin:
  10. yeah!!! hi there!!!!
  11. Well, nice to have you here Ayla!

    We definitely needed a mod!:yes:
  12. Hi Beatrice! I'm Christine. So happy we have own mod now.:yahoo: Welcome!
  13. HI AYLA! :flowers: Nice to meet you.
  14. Hooray! We finally have our own Mod!! :yahoo: Welcome Beatrice :welcome: I'm Sue.
  15. Hi Beatrice, I'm Cheryl =)

    I didn't realize that there was no mod or no permanent mod. I'm kinda oblivious sometimes:blink:

    I think this forum is pretty mellow though =) You should see some of the other forums I visit! I frequent car and motorcycle forums and whoa! The boys there are so crude and rude!! Talk about potty mouths lol