Fortuny Spy?

Let me preface with the fact that I know nothing about Fendi or Fendi handbags, but I happen to see a photo of the Fortuny (Hologram) Spy and I'm in love! I must have one!!!:nuts:

So here are my questions...
Are they still available at the Fendi boutiques and/or other department stores? If so, what stores? What's the retail price on that specific bag?

Know of any online retailers selling them?

Why is it that they're impossible to find on Ebay!?! (I don't even see any fakes out there!)

Any help/info is appreciated!
Thanks folks!!! :smile:
Hi there ImportersWife! I see you've been bitten by the Fortuny bug, isn't it a beauty?! I got my hands on one back in October by calling the Manhattan Fendi store (1-800-FENDI-NY) and ordering from them (pic attached). It retailed for $2410. Maybe you should try there and call around to other Fendi boutiques. The SA I talked to said it was the last one, but I'm always dubious when they say that, they just want to make you feel special :P

You're right, I guess they were made in fewer numbers because I haven't seen them in the dept. stores or for resale much (or maybe the owners just can't let go :graucho: ). As for fakes, I imagine it'd be extremely difficult to fake this leather. But I'm relatively new to the Fendi scene, so maybe other TPFers can better answer the rest of you questions. Good luck!!


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Ohhh!! You have been bitten by the SPY bug! This is your warning that you are now entering the zone of no returns and this will be the first of many! :graucho::P

I have not seen any online retailers selling the Fortuny, so your best bet is to either call Fendi or hope that it appears on Ebay.

I think this leather was made in a limited amount so it is harder to obtain than the other solid color leathers. Also, one reason why you probably can't find it on Ebay is because the fakers can't do such a good job and the people who have them love them too much to be parting with them. (ok, that was two reasons.)

Good luck in looking for it!
This is such a lovely spy, their are none in Europe I can find. I know if I lived in USA I would be phoneing all the stores trying to find one. Some girls on here seem to have quite a bit of luck find unusal spys in Fendi in Hawaii, I would try them first.

Good Luck and let us know if you find one.
Thanks for the info girls!!!! :flowers:

My DH has a showroom on Madison Ave, so I may have to send him up to the Fendi Boutique the next time he's in the city to inquire about the Fortuny.:yes:

I need that bag!!! :nuts: :drool: ;)

Thanks again!!!! :smile:
Hi, good luck on your search! This is such a special bag, I hope you are able to find one! I have only seen this spy on Ebay once so far since last summer and I grabbed that one as soon as it showed up. I don't think there are any fakes of this bag because it's made with special laser cut fortuny leather that would be really hard for the cheap fakers to make anything that comes close to it!
I saw one at SAKS and BLOOMIES NY about two weeks ago. Didn't see it at the boutique but I'm sure they have it too if you ask.

Good luck and hope you'll be able to track one down.
i got my Fortuny Hologram Spy back in August, and i ordered it directly from the Fendi boutique on 5th Avenue. you can call 800-FENDI-NY and ask them to search for you