Fortuny Spy

  1. that's the one and only Spy i have, and probably the one and only Spy i'll ever have :lol:. even though it's not plastered with flowers or coated with sequins like some of the other Spies, the two-tone holographic color makes it so unique
  2. The fortuny spy is AWESOME, its so unique!
  3. That is one beautifull bag and one day hope to find an authentic one. Of course, the auction bag was gone when I clicked on it. I hope someone from tPF grabbed it!
  4. I think those Fortuny Spies are so cool!!! I dont know that I would ever own wardrobe just would compliment it. But I think they are just beautiful!
  5. There's a fortuny spy that just showed up on Ann's Fabulous Finds. It looks the same as the one on eBay. I wonder if it was her who grabbed it.
  6. Tdf!