Fortuny or Wisteria?

  1. Hi everyone, I've been lurking around the Fendi forum hoping it's not too late to hop on the bandwagon! I am so in love with the classic shape of the spy and it's practicality. I'm about ready to take the plunge, and from all of your stunning pictures I've managed to narrow it down to the Fortuny hologram or a white or grey Wisteria. Any opnions on either? Any input is appreciated, help a sista out! :wlae:
  2. I used to own both, fortuny and wisteria (in honey though), and honestly it's a tough decision! They are both GORGEOUS!!! However, I would go with fortuny in your case as I am not a fan or white bags (I am a klutz and get them dirty fast!) and I am not too crazy about wisteria in grey. So there - one vote for fotuny!:yes:
  3. Good call, thanks Irene! :flowers: It's hard for me to WEAR white let alone worry about a gorgeous accessory :sweatdrop: I also have to say that it was your pictures that brought about this spy craving. I'm leaning towards the Fortuny!
  4. I would go with the Honey Wisteria, its such a lovely bag its on Saks website I think, then the Fortuny but this is not a bag you can really carry a lot as have to be quite careful with it. Stunning bag though
  5. ^^^ Thanks, Saich!
  6. Thank you VERY MUCH, Sherry!:flowers:

    Fortuny spy looks delicate but I really don't think it is. Even if little pieces of leather chip off, they only expose a beautiful turquoise color that's underneath and it gives the bag character. That's JMO though.
  7. I woul definitely go with the wisteria!
  8. I love:heart: both the wisteria and fortuny ... the wisteria is very pretty and girly while the fortuny is fun and modern! I just recently bought the wisteria in honey and I love love it! Right now I'm also lusting for the fortuny spy ... so whatever you pick, I don't think you will be disappointed.:yes:
  9. i vote for fortuny. it's fab
  10. I thought I would absolutely love the fortuny, but she was not exactly my style. The wisteria on the other hand, with the leather texture was more for me. They both have their stunning beauty-marks. I found the fortuny a little frightening with her delicate nature and she has a natural funky style to her that eludes most spies. The wisteria was more my style, she is more classical, the bubbly texture of leather is sensually appealing to me and more me. So my advice is to honestly assess your style. If you tend to be a little hip and a little funk, go with the fortuny. If you tend to stick to the more classical style, then get the wisteria. Good luck, sweetie! There's really no wrong answer here, just one that's right for you!

  11. I love both but I would go the Fortuny for the WOW factor.
  12. being the owner of a wisteria I would vote that
  13. Being the unabashed Spy glutton that I am, I'll have to say...

  14. Both designs are kinda different... I went for the hologram cos I love bags in hologram look. ^^
  15. Thanks so much for your inputs, everyone is so sweet! :love: This decision is so hard, and fatefullotus you definitely made me laugh out loud! :lol: I'm leaning towards the Fortuny still since I find myself more on the "funky" side than the "girly" side. Thanks so much everyone, will keep you all updated! :woohoo: :flowers: