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  1. what is the quality like?
  2. Do you mean their jewelry in general? I think they have great quality. It is a wonderful store.
  3. I've always found lovely, quality jewelry at fortunoff's.
  4. ^^ I agree.

    My father, who would only buy quality, beautiful pieces, always went to Fortunoff first.
  5. I think their jewelry --diamond jewelry in particular is overpriced for the quality it is.
  6. good quality, good customer service, expensive prices....
  7. Oh, that's such an icon at that location...... Well anyway, I've always been very satisfied with the jewelry I've gotten there, I wouldn't say it's the best price but not bad. I got a beautiful, interesting, two tone 18k gold butterfly shaped ring (sort of modern and abstract a bit though) with almost 1/2 carat of pave diamonds for like $550, I really didn't think that was a bad price at all ; )
  8. from what i read in newspapers...they have filed for bankruptcy:rolleyes:
  9. ^^^
    yes, wwd sent out a news alert today.
  10. theyve been having hard times for a LOOOOONG time now. the quality of their jewelery is good, but as others have mentioned, certain things (esp diamonds) are overpriced for the quality they offer.
  11. Yeah I saw the bankruptcy article as well. I haven't been to Fortunoff in years... I think they're overpriced for the quality.
  12. Personally I think you can find better quality and much better prices by doing for research and going to the NYC diamond district...I used to stop in there on the way to the jewelry district but I was never really impressed.
  13. Overpriced.
  14. Good quality diamonds. They have sales that give you a good price, so I don't necessarily think its overpriced. I compared diamond prices for solitaire diamond ring and it's not too far off then bluenile, whiteflash, etc, and they have GIA certified diamonds. I have a diamond heart ring from there and it sparkles like no other :smile: