Fortune Favors the Bold...

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  1. Any Bold lovers in here? I’ve been obsessed with this collection since I caught wind of it last year. The large Grind tote I have comes in a few colors, and the mini I recently purchased (new on eBay...!) comes in at least a dozen! I have my eye on the backpack, but it only comes in a few colors and I’m trying to take a shopping break since we’ll be moving soon.
    DB71A112-D0B2-4453-9676-108BC8CC4C30.jpeg DCDFF5C5-52A7-41F7-9041-3928E741BCBF.jpeg
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    Here is my mini Grind tote. I considered other colors but I figured I’d wear this one more than pink,
    taupe, red, or a colorblock version.
    28185D6C-B20E-4C1B-8979-401465589871.jpeg F9752DBE-7862-426E-9BB0-F45B09179929.jpeg 426097F4-AE22-4720-932E-F58A04F7A6E2.png