Fortunately & Unfortunately

  1. Unfortunately, I slept in so late that missed my favorite TV show.
  2. Fortunately, it is on again tomorrow.
  3. Unfortunately you'll have to wake up early to go to work
  4. Fortunately, I can TiVo it.
  5. Unfortunately the power goes out and it doesnt record anything.
  6. Fortunately, it was a re-run.
  7. Unfortunatly, it was a re-run you missed the first time.
  8. Fortunately it will be on again tomorrow
  9. Unfortunatelly your friends want you to go out so you miss it again.
  10. Fortunately there's tivo
  11. Unfortunatly, your Tivo is broken.
  12. Fortunatley my friends cancelled.
  13. Unfortunately they're coming round instead
  14. Fortunately they don't stay that long
  15. Unfortunately, they eat all your food and drink your good wine.