Fortunately & Unfortunately

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  1. We'll start with a sentence starting with Fortunately, then follow with a sentence starting with Unfortunately.
    You then ping pong back and forth.

    Fortunately, I've started a new game.

    Next person might say:
    Unfortunately, it sucks.

    Next person might reply:
    Fortunately, we have other board games to play.

    Next person could say:
    Unfortunately, I got caught playing them while at work.
    And so on and so forth.

    Let's start...and remember to play nice.:heart:

    Fortunately, it is Friday.
  2. Unfortunately its Friday the 13th!
  3. Fortunately tomorrow is Saturday the 14th.
  4. Unfortunately, the next day's episode of Desperate Housewives is a rerun.
  5. Fortunately there is other shows to watch.
  6. Unfortunately The Sopranos is not one of them!
  7. Fortunately it can be be forever cherished on dvd.
  8. Unfortunately the DVDs are expensive.
  9. Fortunately I have a DVD burner!
  10. Unfortunately I do not.
  11. Fortunately I just got a wii so I don't care what TV & DVD's hehehee
  12. Unfortunately I don't have a Wii
  13. Fortunately we've just bought a ps3
  14. Unfortunately they games are expensive.
  15. fortunatly I dont have a ps3 to have to buy expensive games