Forth & Towne: Am I the only one that likes the Spring 2007 Collections?

  1. Gap's 18-month-old Forth & Towne stores are closing in June 2007. The brand's concept was intended to attract women 35 and older. Past collections have not been the most fabulous, but the Spring 2007 Collections are actually fresh and very appealing. Sophisticated without seeming stiff. Great business casual looks!

    Is it just me that's a little sad to see them go? :sad:

    Does anyone know when would be the best time to load up on discounted items (i.e. going-out-of-business sale????) :idea:
  2. I don't know, but don't wait too long. Gap is closing its F&T stores in June. :cursing: I'm in there every couple weeks to pick up what I can before they close.
  3. Looking at the website, the clothes look really nice. Sad to see them go. Don't wait long until you stock up from them!
  4. A couple of my coworkers LOVE F&T and rave about it. They get cute things! However, it really seems like GAP, Inc. really didn't give these stores much chance... very little advertising/publicity.
  5. I like their clothes but not their prices, I think they are over-priced, and that is the reason they are closing.
  6. ^^^
    not the reason at all. the price point is reasonable...10% lower than banana and just about the quality.

    like someone said, they're closing the division to focus on gap and old navy, whom at one point were gap inc.'s bread and butter. f&t wasn't given much of a chance, but only because gap inc. can't afford to take a zillion dollar gamble on a division that may or may not profit big in the long run. it was really something that should have never began (since they're losing mad money opening and closing stores).

    gap originally said there would be no closeout sale because they make more money selling off to tj maxx, etc., but with the abrupt decision to close the stores, there's so much product in the pipeline. transition to fall was already in full production, so that product is going to have to go SOMEWHERE (i.e. they'll have to have a big sale because there's just too much product to deal with).
  7. That's what I like to hear! :p I'll be looking out for the big sale...

    I thought their prices were reasonable, so I totally agree with the comment you made about Banana Republic, canada's.

    Thanks, ladies, for your feedback.
  8. I LOVED Forthe & Towne and I'm super sad that they're closing! On the upside, I can't wait to raid their clearance racks just before they do... :lol:
  9. i had never heard of them before this post!

    my mom would LOVE their stuff!

    it's sad to see that they're closing down.
  10. fyi - all merchandise from any gap inc store in the world that is unsold or damaged ends up in northern kentucky (two minutes from the cinci airport) in a huge warehouse with incredible prices - haha i know because i've worked there the past two summers. if you ever have a long wiat in the cincinnati airport or live in the area, it's certainly worth a trip - banana cashmere sweaters for 9.99, etc - most the items really aren't very damaged at all. it's a huge store and you have to do some digging but it can definitely be worth it.

    anyways, back to the topic, we received some of the fourth and towne stuff, and while it was cute the fits were funny i thought. oh well, it's a shame because this new collection does look really nice. ahh well.