Fortesia Bag (sp?)

  1. Does anyone like the BV Fortesia bag. My spelling is probably incorrect. It is the hobo bag in black with studds on it in black. Many thanks!
  2. Can you possibly post a picture of this bag? I never have seen or head of it. Although come to think of it, I recently saw a wallet with spikes on eBay and wondered about it.:rolleyes:
  3. Is it is a Bottega Venetta bag? This is the Balenciaga might get more responses in the BV subforum:yes:
  4. No WONDER I never heard of this new Balenciaga bag!!! SO sorry, the previous question must have gotten in the wrong forum and DUH, I thought she was talking about a new Balenciaga? Forgive my newbie nature in here!!!??? I was thinking she must mean the step...or that one with metal studs down the front.:nuts: