Fornarina Sneakers at Bloomies SoHo!

  1. My friend sent me a picture message on my phone about 2 hours ago and was like "look what I found" and it was the Grey & Pink fornarina sneakers!!! (she went during her lunch break and then texted me from her job so I didn't really get more info about the shoes) She said she was in Bloomingdales in SoHo (Broadway) and they only have a few pairs in, and probably aren't getting any more. She is a shoe size 10 - not sure what other sizes they had in, or pricing. :confused1:

    She's going to go check out another Bloomingdales later up here in Westchester (White Plains) when she gets home from work and give me more info! :yahoo:
  2. Oh gosh, another thing I can't have.
  3. Bloomies huh? Gotta check the one here! Thanks
  4. Going tomorrow after I finish up at a conference down at NYU to hunt for an amore ciao and will definitely check this out too. Thanks for the heads up!