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  1. I have some Enfamil & Similac coupons. I won't use them, I only b/f, but I know that formula cost add up so I thought I would share them. The Enfamil ones expire 2/28/10 & I have (1) $2, (2) $3, (4) $4. The are good for any enfamil formula. Similac coupons are good 5/24/10 & I have three $5. I will mail them to who ever wants them.
  2. That is very nice of you!
  3. I don't need them but that is incredibly sweet of you to post that to those that may need it!!! :ghi5:
  4. i would love a similac coupon if you still have one! thanks so much! seems like i'm buying formula every week.
  5. I hear ya there cupcake. I am only feeding my 2 week old formula and it is already getting expensive.
  6. I was spending $120 on forumula a month and ended up saving $60 a month when I switched. Kayla was on Sensitive (Lactose Free), $26.99 for the small size, at that time neither Costco nor Sam's Club were carrying the large size of that particular kind of Similac. Walmart's SENSITIVITY (their version of Similac Sensitive) Parents Choice was $14.88 (larger can than Similac), it was the same exact thing and would last me a whole week. All formula has to meet strict nutritional standards, don't pay for a label that is all Similac and ENFAMIL are IMO.
  7. ^ I agree. I got the idea to switch to Parents Choice from you Diva! Natalie is on the soy and she loves it.
  8. and if you guys have an HEB around their brand of formula is cheaper than least at the one that i shop at :smile:
  9. This is a great post! I get coupons all the time and end up throwing them away, I will post them for anyone who needs them.

    BTW I think Costco is a great place for formula. The cans are so much bigger and the price is pretty good. We saved a lot when my DS was on formula.
  10. I also get tons of formula coupons and in fact have 4 unopened new cans of formula too. They are the Enfamil regular powder 2 and 1 Advanced Similac can. I would be happy to send these to anyone who might need/use them:flowers:.
    Emery has to be on the Similac ready feed liquid Soy Isomil formula so if anyone has any Similac coupons to spare I'd love them:heart:!!
  11. Glad you made the switch,:smile: no one should have to pay that much money for just a NAME for formula when they meet the same nutritional standards.
  12. I have a $4 coupon for Good Start Formula. PM me if you would like me to mail it to you.