Forms of Payments from Overseas and Shipping?!

  1. I have a buyer from the UK and I'm in the US. Now she doesn't want or can't use Paypal for some reason which is fine with me.... I hate those 3% charges.

    My question is what other forms of payments could she do that would not cost her or I a lot of money? (I have looked through the board but it seems better to get straight responses to my question :yes:)

    Someone please help!!

    Also is USPS the best way to ship internationally? Any other suggestions?

    TIA ;)
  2. She could use Bidpay but if she doesn't want to use Paypal she may want to use that either. Otherwise it's only a money order, if you accept a British cheque from her it will cost you at least $20 to pay it into your account and would take an age to clear
  3. Any other suggestions? How would the money order work would she just get the money from Pounds to US Dollars? and ship that?????

    I'm so clueless right now haha :s
  4. What about google checkout? She could also do Western Union but there is a big fee for that.
  5. i think we figured out a money order but thanks for your help mooks and thithi