Former President Bush skydives to celebrate museum reopening *pic*

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  1. Former President Bush skydives to celebrate museum reopening
    The Associated Press

    Former President George H.W. Bush celebrated the grand reopening of his presidential museum on Saturday with a surprise skydive.

    It was the former president's sixth skydive and his first since 2004, when he jumped to celebrate his 80th birthday. Bush jumped on Saturday strapped to an expert from the U.S. Army Golden Knights parachute team, as he did three years ago.

    Bush, now 83, had hip replacement surgery in January. He said at the time that he planned to skydive in 2009 for his 85th birthday.

    The 69,000-square-foot museum, described by the former president as the "centerpiece of my library," has been mostly closed since April for the $8.3 million facelift.

    The museum and library first opened 10 years ago this week on the Texas A&M University campus about 100 miles northwest of Houston.

    Bush's first parachute jump came in 1944 when he was shot down over the Pacific island of Chi Chi Jima.

  2. I met him years ago when he was VP. He is very tall and looked much more handsome in person, at least for an older man.
  3. Lol. Not a big fan of him but I think its great that he can do this and have fun at such an age. I know my dad would never try that at any age! Kudos to him! (Bush that is)
  4. Woohoo, looks like fun; it's always wonderful to see that old age doesn't slow some people down.
  5. you only live once!! i highly doubt he has much worries, and why should he? thats how i want to be when i get old near retirement
  6. Good for him! Would like to see the museum again.
  7. EKK! He's awful brave trusting that a Republican packed the chute!

    Glad he can enjoy something like that, myself I like both feets on the ground!