Former MJ bag designer Joy Gryson's own line of bags

  1. Joy Gryson, former design/development director of handbags/accessories for MJ & Marc by MJ, will be releasing her own line of bags -- Gryson!
    Official website: will be one of of the few retailers to carry this new line around August 6, 2006 (estimated arrival: 7/25-8/5)

    "It's about the inside being as beautiful as the outside and my goal is to make that level of luxury more approachable."
    Joy Gryson

    Gryson Bags Her Own Line
    By Sophia Chabbott

    NEW YORK — Joy Gryson knows what it takes to create a best-selling handbag.

    When she was director of design and development of handbags and accessories for Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs, she was a driving force behind the brand's must-have Stella, Sofia and Zoë silhouettes. Now she is translating that know-how into her own line, called Gryson.

    "[Working at Marc Jacobs] opened my eyes to the possibilities and limits you want to push, and you can push, in luxury," said the 33-year-old designer, who is based in New York. "We always used the highest-quality materials, such as Italian leathers and suede linings in contrast colors inside the bags. It's about the inside being as beautiful as the outside and my goal is to make that level of luxury more approachable."

    Gryson began thinking of founding her own line in June 2004 when she left Marc Jacobs to care for her young daughter and realized she didn't have the cash flow to own a bevy of must-have bags. She figured other women had the same problem.

    "On a designer level, it's hard to keep up," she said. "It's very expensive."

    Gryson's initial collection for fall, which bows at the Steven Alan Showroom this week, features 10 bags in styles such as a Sixties-inspired cranberry leather shoulder bag with two outer pockets and a top flap, a slouchy distressed olive leather military satchel with chestnut braided handles and a black leather doctor's bag with a top handle and brushed metal buckle.

    The collection, which is made in Florence, wholesales from $250 to $450 and will go head-to-head with other contemporary accessories companies like Be & D, Botkier, Bulga and Gustto.

    "Brands in the contemporary market such as Kooba, Isabella Fiore and Elisa Atheniese have done a great job keeping the product fresh, with innovative silhouettes and interesting materials mixed with new details, such as hardware, stitching and embroidery," said Ed Bucciarelli, president and chief executive officer of Henri Bendel. "The contemporary handbag category has benefited from two tiers of consumers: the designer customer who can buy several bags to build her wardrobe and the aspirational woman who is willing to invest in such great craftsmanship and detail."

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  3. Ooh, I love that Sophie bag!
  4. That red Lexi looks really lovely!! Can't wait to see more from Gryson!
  5. Very nice-but, if wholesale is going to be $250 to $450-then retail is going to be in the $500 to 900 range-is that really more affordable than Marc?
  6. I am so excited to check out her line. I think it is awesome that she is going to branch out on her own.

    I love that black bag, it reminds me a little of the KC bag I wanted in Red but they sold out!
  7. Check out Gryson handbags at! They run from $695 to $855. Which style do you like? is celebrating its FIRST BIRTHDAY!
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  8. Received the following info from

    Gryson Bag Dimensions:

    Skye 14x6x9
    Olivia 17x9x12
    Rachel 14x6x18
    Ava 14x4.5x7
    Sophie 16x6.5x9
    Zoe 14x6x10
    Kaitlyn 10.5x5.5x7.5
    Lexi 14x6x11
    Naomi 14x6x10
    Taylor 17x5x12
  9. Gryson bags at BG - introducing the exclusive handbags. Their pictures are better than Shoptwigs.

    The bags are made with Italian leather. They have suede lining! WOW!! MJ Bags? =)
  10. Anyone checked out Gryson bags online? What do you think of them? =)
  11. I pre-ordered a chocolate Olivia from BG. Normally I don't like a lot of Brown bags, but this one looks delicious. I have heard they are really nice in person inside and out, the price isn't approchable, but what can you pay for more for a better bag.
  12. Yes, I pre-ordered a Rachel from ShopTwigs -- and I got lucky. They had erroneously posted the wrong price (in my favor) so I got a deal! The man I spoke with said that I was really lucky to get the bag since they're already gone, and now they can't even order more because they're in such demand! He said they are really well made. I'm excited!
  13. Jlmrocks & Shopper_girl8: Congrats. =) Rachel is a tall bag -- 18"H! =) Olivia is highly recommended by shoptwigs! =) I don't see all the styles at shoptwigs anymore, I am guessing that pre-sold lists for those filled up already.

    I hear lots of praises for Gryson bags -- they will be featured in upcoming mags for sure! Her bags are on the large side which I can't really do. =( What do you think of the 2 smaller ones (14" across) Ava & Skye. Ava doesn't look as nice as its bigger version Sophie.

  14. Shoptwigs is out of stock, but there were pictures of zoe, naomi and lexi bags in black.