Former GH Hater, falls in love!

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  1. I could not figure out why people liked the bags w/ the horrid thimble nipple thingys.... until now.... What the heck happened to me, you ask? I have NO CLUE! I hate having things pushed on me, but something clicked in my brain to really like GH. It is like a dressed up Bbag! I ordered my GH anthraday (Thanks to IncoralBlue and Cracker) and it arrived today. First of all, I thought a day would be huge, but it really isn't! Secondly, anthra w/ GH is :yahoo:! THanks to Nanaz for convincing me to try the day! Anthra is so versatile! It can go w/ anything. I will post pics later (DH is around and he'd :cursing: if he saw ANOTHER Balenciaga in this house being that I have preordered my little heart out!)

    SO... I will always love RH, but GH is super fun!
  2. How Exciting.. Congrats Shasta!! Post pics t:huh:!
  3. yay shasta!!! I am very glad that you and ms anthra day clicked!! Congrats she has such an amazing leather:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. congrats! i can't wait for pics :yahoo:
  5. COngrats GH was the first bag I bought and I wasn't sure about it but now i love it!!
  6. Congrats can't wait to see pics!
  7. yay!!! cant wait to see pics! geeze you guys are a bad influence! now I want an anthra with GH too! just right after I decided to get the RH city!
  8. yay!!! cant wait to see pics! geeze you guys are a bad influence! now I want an anthra with GH too! just right after I decided to get the RH city!
  9. Count me as newly converted as well. I just got a VG GH Day and I am in love with it! I think it may be something to do with the Day style combined w/GH that tipped me in favor of it. I always thought the RH Day style was too "boring" ... so GH dresses it up just enough for me...without overdoing it (like it seems to on some of the other styles). Also, I can't believe how comfortable the Day is - and how easy it is for me to find things in it. I actually don't have the "black hole" problem that people have mentioned. I daresay it is easier for me to find things in it than in my beloved Part Time. I think the narrow/deep combo works better for me than the wide/shallow combo. Plus, I can find stuff in easily it without taking it off my shoulder, which I didn't expect! Maybe it's a difference between the GH and RH? Anyway, whatever it is, it's working for me!
  10. oops... sorry double post for some reason.... sorry...
  11. Congrats Shasta!! I hated GH at first and my gf said they looked like retro radio knobs but something clicked for me too and here I am with a vert day and SS work both with gold GH and I LOVE THEM!!!

    You made an excellent choice on an anthra day with GH.That is one of the few 07 colours that to me ROCKS with gold GH.
  12. I love the GH on certain styles, so I certainly understand your conversion. I was very anti-GH in the beginning and I have since come around. I still think that it can overwhelm certain styles, but it does "dress up" some bags really well.
  13. The same is happening to me. I really dislike those big golden things coming out of the bag.. but after seeing that picture of nicky hilton and her black GH brief... I want one too!
  14. :okay:

    How heavy is the day with GH? I am leaning toward a day, and now, towards GH.
  15. That's what I'm sayin'! My heart will always be with RH but it's so fun to have a different version!

    Congrats on your new beauty, can't wait to see pics! :nuts: