Formally introducing myself to the Kooba page :)

  1. Hi, I am obsessed with Kooba too!! Nice to meet you - you can all call me LKB (lovekoobabags) LOLOLO!!!
    Marcelle Cognac (process of selling)
    Olive Sienna
    Cream Scarlett
    Nutmeg Scarlett
    Metallic Chiara
    Paige Ebano
    Paige Brown Pebbled
    Taylor (process of selling)
    Black Lucy
    Jessie in Rose
    Marcelle Desert
    Khaki Kelsey
    Brown Frankie...and more.

    I've lugged all of these (except the Nutmeg Scarlett got that through from the NYC sample sale boy are these bags heavy.

    I've also bought the Ebano Paige, Jade Lucy and Marcelle Cognac for my mother.
    The Ebano Jessie, reddish/brownish (sorry can't remember colors tonight!) Marcelle, and Moss Scarlett (cream whipstitch) for my sister-in-law.

    I love Kooba and would drool and drool and drool :drool: over these bags at the high end dept stores.
    I drooled so much - that - I went overboard when finding out about the sample sale & how much less I could pay.

    Here to help & share!
  2. Welcome LKB! We're glad to have another Kooba-lovin' friend!
  3. Holy have more bags than I do. Ohhhhhh, a Taylor too. I love that bag.

    No Sample Sales around here...Boohoo!

    You're selling the Marcelle Cognac and keeping the Desert?? Shame on you! LOL
  4. LKB, I've only got one thing to say to you: Photos please!!!

    That some list you've got there, hey Lexie, I think she's giving you a run for you money, LOL

    Great to have another Koobalover here:yahoo:
  5. ^LOL, not so fast... one thing to remember about Lexie is that she probably has 3 or 4 on order right now so her inventory may be a little off... wink, wink.

    Hell, we the people of Kooba Kingdom could always have 2 Queens if need be...
  6. Welcome to our group and...
    holy cow! is all I can say. We want photos!
  7. Two Queens:nuts:

    :king::king: Ok, suppose that would be alright...LOL

    Hope that English tutor won't try to correct my spelling mistake up there, was in a bit of a hurry..(always a good excuse)

    Can't wait to see your pics, LKB

    Is tomorrow bag day, Rosen?
  8. Welcome LKB, I love your collection, and good to have all of this Kooba knowledge around :smile:
  9. Right now I still stand officially at 11. I had to take off the Nina and add the Sienna to my List. I am looking at a couple on eBay but doubt I'll divuldge. That eggplant Chiara is darling though.

    I'll happily share the title. It would take the pressure off me and I could maybe save up and buy me another Gryson.
  10. Welcome LVB! I take it you have a fondness for Kooba bags, huh? :p

    I would love to hear about your experience at the sample sale. I was thinking about going to the one next Tuesday. How were the prices when you went? Was it a mad house? Tell me everything please. :yes:

  11. Welcome to the board! It's great to have you here. :yes:
  12. Welcome! I'm jealous of your fabulous Kooba collection.

    If you love Kooba, I can promise you this is the place to be.
  13. LVB - Welcome!! Can't wait to drool on the photos of your bags! You will post some, won't you?
  14. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You guys are TOO funny!!! I'll be getting right on that - I need to take a Kooba family shot - I don't know if all of them could fit in the camera frame LOL...I went overboard last year - and my husband calls me a KoobaFREAK :smile:
  15. All I can say is get there early - be the first (sayyyyy...40 people online - you're golden) It pays to get there early. I went last June and in November - in June the first day - they didn't have their inventory yet - so I waited 3 hours and they still didn't have it in. I went back the next day - there was a limited selection - I picked up a few - but they were restocking the following day. The last day I went back AGAIN :rolleyes:and had my pick. When I learned about the sale that following November - I got there early - was the 20th person online and got some really nice bags - it was unreal - two paige Ebanos - One Jessie Ebano - One Black Lucy - One Jessie in Rose (LOVE THIS BAG!) - and I forget the rest but I think I held back a lot.
    There were some people in front of me with lists from eBay - who bought specifically on demand - they each carried out about 15 bags each. I've been so lazy - I definitely bought extra - to give to my Mom and my sisterinlaw. (well, they bought it off of me). But don't forget- there is still tax and that really drives up the price b/c it's over $100 - there's sales tax.

    Because I've bought so much and haven't really sold the ones I didn't use - I'm reluctant to go back to the sample sale. I must tell you though - the line was DOWN THE BLOCK - if you get in early - you get out early. If you're there mid-block - you'll wait longer b/c of the first people they let in. I've also noticed that their prices have increased about $25-75/bag depending on the style. I think when I went last June - they were having better deals - Scarletts and Chiaras were like $125/150 and Marcelle's were $225/$250 - now I think they're $300 - supply/demand - you know the trend.