1. I was wonder what you think lv as evening wearing and for formal events? Do you think it goes with a dressed up outfit/dress or no?
  2. It definitely depends which bag :biggrin: Which one were you thinking of?
  3. I was thinking of getting the lagoon clutch, but the mono might not be good for more formal events. I usually use clutches for evenings out or something formal.
  4. I'd get an LV Epi for formal events Purselova34.
  5. Which color do you think is best?
  6. What color dress are you wearing?
  7. It's April so I'm still not sure. lol Most likely black, because it's flattering.
  8. Maybe you can look at Judith Leiber too. They're cute and fun.
  9. I think Epi red nice.
  10. I use a black Epi Demi Lune Pochette. :smile:
  11. A vernis may be nice too (like the lexington accessory pouch). That's what I'm thinking of right now because I want a "dress up" clutch.

  12. Ditto.
  13. I'm going to consider the lexington and the Epi Demi Lune Pochette. I should get my dress first, though. To known what color to get. hehe
  14. Epi red sounds good. I love the Vernis and Epi line.
  15. This is the LV that i always use for formal dresses. :love:
    DSC02406.JPG DSC02407.JPG