formal wear?

  1. Where do you ladies buy your formal wear? we are going on a cruise and i really need to purchase a couple of dresses, i dont want to go ridiculous price wise though.. nothing over say $400? will only probably wear it once!
  2. I guess it would depend on how formal your going. Do you mean tux and formal gown, suit and semi formal dress or slacks/shirt/tie and "little black dress?" If the latter, I would recommend something from the BCBG line. (not BCBG Girls). They have some wonderful little black dresses that aren't overly priced. If not that, then check on Calvin Klein, a fave of mine. Macy's carried his dresses and elux does too. If you can find one on sale at elux, you'll probably get a great deal :yes:
  3. I would look into getting a Vera Wang. Her bridesmaids dresses are generally in that range, and I think they are very unbridesmaidy. Her fit is also consistent. I have even bought VW on eBay for about $100 and had good luck with it.
  4. i will definetly look into vera wang, thanks for that!
  5. For under 400$, Try Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan. But some of their designs can range over 400$. But you might be lucky.