Formal Dress Length for Gala Event

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I just purchased a long dress for a gala event and I am not sure where the hemline du jour should be. Should I shorten the dress to the floor, my toes, mid-foot or ankle?

    Thank you for your help!
  2. ^Whatever looks better and feels better on u..There is no real guideline!I go to many myself and i always do whatever looks and feels best to me
  3. I'm old school--floor-length, but hemmed short enough so that you don't trip on the skirt. You'll need to wear you heels for measurement.
  4. Yes Old school gala would be floor length. However, I was recently shocked when I went to what was called a "gala" event and many woman were actually casual (in business suits from work, pants and ugly daytime floral short dresses).

    I think it depends upon the event and where it is. If it is truly a gala, full length gown is appropriate. But again, it depends upon what the even is and where it is.
  5. Floor length to just showing the fronts of your shoes.

    Some ladies have the hem cut .5" highr at the front/lower at the back, which is the most graceful but practical solution to floor-length but not dangerous
  6. Thank you ladies! Women always wear long gowns to this event, but I have been a volunteer or pregnant over the past five years, so this is my first time back with a gown! Many of my friends have been chattering about the length because lately hemlines have been going up and longer dresses are harder to find. I will stick with floor length, thank you so much for your help!!!