forgotten pix...japanese mag!

  1. remember the magazine i was talking about 2 weeks ago? i managed to upload (only 2, sorry!!!!) 2 pics that WEREN'T's so hard to take pix with the yellow lighting in my room...sorry!!!!
    mirior alma.jpg winter lv.jpg
  2. Haha.. oh giant puffy bag, I can't believe that's a real Louis Vuitton product.
  3. thanks for uploading! Those are great pics! Too bad that fluffy bag is weird!
  4. I would LOVE to see the fur bags in person!!!:nuts:
  5. i actually thought the fluffy bags looked kinda cool..but it's a seasonal bag...and for some reason..the MC logos are getting bigger and bigger!
  6. Cute on the runway, but I don't think those fur bags'll do well in real life...don't get me wrong tho, I would still totally get them if I had enough $$$! haaha

  7. I thought the same thing!
  8. The fur bag looks like a pillow on a string :lol: