Forgotten Beauty!

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  1. I had completely lost track of this beauty. Bought her at a great price from Shopbop last year. Added a little Minkette bling!:heart:,255,255,255,1,0,0,0,0&limitsize=400,400&squareoutput=255,255,255​
  2. ^oops! The picture doesn't show! At least on my puter...
    Would love to see your beauty!
  3. I must be the most inept Minkette. I can't figure out how to get my image over from my phone. Tried emailing, copying, and paste, but all that shows up is the sprint address. Help, please!
  4. Here it goes....Cross your fingers!


    Attached Files:

  5. Beautiful color!!
  6. This is Midnight Black with the black suede side panels.
  7. Is it a Dream Bag or Dream Clutch? The black suede looks so lush.
  8. A Dream Bag. Its so pretty.
  9. I saw this bag at a Nordstrom last year-- it's really good looking in person.
  10. What a great combination of leathers.
  11. That's really cute, I've never seen it in black! Love your bling girl!
  12. Oh, it is beautiful!
  13. how could you forget a bag like that :drool:
  14. beautiful! funny how you "lost track". your collection must be huge!
  15. ohh, what a Dreamy bag ;) I love the chain and charms, it completely changes the look, much more rock chic now, I don't think you'll be forgetting about this one anytime soon :P