forgot who asked, but i got info on where to get kooba

  1. hi all,
    as you can see from my signature i'm turning 50 in a few weeks and find that i'm forgetting a LOT of things, so please bear with me!!!
    i was telling several of you kooba fans that i get my koobas at
    they have quite a bit in stock and they can also get you one if you see one that you like in a dept store...i've bought a cassandra, jessie, natasha and sienna there and have never had any problems...they do discount, i don't work for them...i live in mass and they're in ny, but, when i visit my friend in ny we go there and i stock, definitely call them and they can work with you...just wanted to pass along the info because it's nice to get a discount...
    hope this helps!
  2. Thanks. I saw that gorgeous black Lucy on one of the pictures of shelves. Wonder if they can get me one, or a silver Lucy, or a black Marcelle (sigh). Doesn't hurt to ask so I asked them to contact me. We'll see what they say.
  3. nunnla, my recommendation would be to call them and talk by phone...i've found it much easier...let me know what happens, okay? thanks!
  4. Will do.