Forgot to Tell Ya'll

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  1. Okay from my absence I forgot to tell yall a funny thing that happened at my orthopedic's office. The nurse took my husband and I to our room and saw that hubby was carrying my hamptons hobo (chestnut). She came in and asked if she could look at it and I said sure. After looking at it she said she wanted to see what a real one looked like because she just bought a fake on like mine at a purse party. I wanted to say if you could tell that mine was real then theres your answer. However, I was on good behavior and told her the many differences. LOL I just thought I would share!:lol:
  2. It was nice of you to tell her the diff btw real & fake. IMO, she should have known that purse party=FAKES.
  3. OMG! people have no nerve. I swear.
  4. How funny! I was at the mall yesterday and I went to the Bare Escentuals boutique and I was carrying my Coach shopping bag and the BE SA told me that I could go to a purse party and get them so much cheaper. I was in a good mood so I just politely told her they were fakes at the parties and went on my way. I could not believe the nerve!
  5. LOL... :roflmfao:
  6. At least that's one more person informed, and now if she sees the difference maybe she'll stop buying fakes!
  7. I can't believe that some people are so bold and proudly tell us that they buy COUNTERFEIT bags!! I would rather be carrying my stuff in a plastic supermarket bag than have a FAKE on my arm!
  8. ITA...well said!!! :tup:
  9. Well she at least new it was fake... and not have to find out later.
  10. Yeah I do have to give her props. I saw her today when I went to the docs and I couldnt help but laughing inside. I saw her checking out my tattersall pouch and I wanted to say yes this is real too. LOL!