Forgot to mention this...

  1. So tonight I went to LV, but my favorite SA was gone on vacation so I talked to another SA and saw the Panda cles but that's not the point of this. Anyways he was telling my friend and I that it was a slow day but it was getting better, this was around 8PM. Reason being was...Louis Vuitton's NUMBER 1 customer in the WORLD was in there shopping. He was telling me on an average he spends $10 million in the company annually!!! I was like....DAMN!!! So anyways I just had to check out what he was buying and one thing he was getting was the New Alizee bag in the embossed leather!!! So the SA was telling me yeah he just likes to buy things to have them. All I could think was can he adopt me?!?!?! I don't know, hope you all enjoyed that little story, I thought it was cool...
  2. cool story! thanks for sharing! :smile:
  3. Is he single? Hahaha. Kidding.
  4. I know u were joking, but that comment was too funny!
  5. I also think like that but I'm serious...LOL! :roflmfao:

    Anyway, thank for sharing the great story ;)
  6. Does LV even release enough items per year to equal $10 million?!? Its a mind-bogglingly large sum of money:wtf:
  7. Who is he? Anyone famous (a celebrity, a prince, a very well-known businessman)? An American/European/Middle Eastern/Asian?
  8. what did he look like? :graucho:
  9. Wowsa I'd love to see in that closet, or would that be in that storage facility...
  10. Maybe this person ordered an entire line of LV luggage made of albino alligator skin. Lol, I imagine that would be pretty pricey.
  11. Wow...a guy who spends that much per year in a guy Id like to meet!!

    What nationality was he?..What does he do to make that much money? I cant even imagine what $10 Mil looks like in LV products....WOW!!!!!:drool:

    Thanks for the story!!
  12. 10 million would probably buy the LV's storeroom's goodies (from one store)!! I can't think of many LVs that could add up to 100K let lone 10million!!
  13. i wonder who is he
  14. wow!.. i cant imagine spending this amount of money every year!
  15. Ten Million dollars every year- Are ya sure that SA wasn't pulling your chain?