Forgot I ordered this one!

  1. Agh! The mailman just delivered this! I forgot this was coming.:shame:
    I gotta sell some bags....

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    caramel splendor by moni moni
  2. Oh wow, until I clicked on it to make it larger, I thought it was a Balenciaga!
    I LOVE getting mail!
  3. It does look like a Balenciaga at first. :biggrin:
  4. Delicious!!! I love it!:heart: How could you forget it???
  5. Wow, it looks so nice and soft! Are you going to keep it? It's cute!
  6. yeah I'm keeping it. it's very soft. like a babies bottom!

    SuzyZ: I ordered it a few weeks ago. Plum forgot! (oops!)
  7. OMG! If it was a Balenciaga, my DH would have me committed. (He's out of town so he doesn't know about this or the Mousse yet!)
    : o
  8. Congrats!!!
  9. hehehe i have to try that next time

    'honey i swear i don't remember ordering it'
  10. awww i like it. never heard of that brand before. is it a us manufacturer?
  11. congrats.:flowers: . so how do you like the bag..some other people were saying there were some quality issues with theirs.:huh: I was thinkin of getting one in the grey color but searched everywhere for a pic of a model carrying it with now luck.. could you take a pic of you carrying it if it's not too much to ask. ?? thanks
  12. wow, I love the color and u said it is soft.. oh my gosh, congrats on ur new bag.. hopefully u dont forget about it coz it is so gorgeous..
  13. lol Thats what I call a good surprise!
  14. If u forgot it was coming then it's time to quit for a while.
  15. congratulations, its a lovely colour.