Forgive me, this is either slightly off topic, or completely dead on>

  1. I am constantly impressed by the positive tenor on this forum, and its articulate, helpful, lovely members. People go out of their way to offer sound advice based on experience. Making a buying decision on such a big ticket item is often scary. Having this sort of resource is truly wonderful, and takes a lot of the fear and uncertainty out of such a major purchase for many of us. As some of you know, this week I just bought my third birkin bag. The last one was bought five years ago. Needless to say, they keep getting more and more expensive. And no less nervewracking to pull out that checkbook, no matter how much you love them (I do) and use them constantly and forever (I have and will).
    Forgive me if this is off topic, but I have been reading posts from so many kind, wise, funny (meaning, having a great sense of humor) women (and a couple men, right) the past few weeks...I just had to say this.
  2. Yes - it is lovely to have such upbeat discussions with lovely, intelligent and eloquent members that are from all over the world. Hats off to all of you!!
  3. aawww, jedi, that's sweet! I love all the members on the Hermes forum...I get a giggle everyday! I can't believe I "met" most of these lovely people last year, and in six weeks time, I'll be meeting them in the flesh in New York!

    It's a great forum!
  4. yes, everyones support and pleasant attitude is really great here which is why i keep coming back even though im not currently employed and should be spending $$$ elsewhere, not on Hermes and this forum tempts me. but i still come back!!
    these tpfers have really helped me out so much. not just with my own purchases but introducing me to Hermes history in this bookwormish way where i read reference threads and know trivia now. and i truly apppreciate it so much. when i start working again i will venture out locally to Hermes more often and continue my education there. but i'll be an advanced student after tpf thats for sure..
  5. Yes, I love all of you....can't cross the road anymore before running it past you...
  6. :yes:

    I'm continually amazed by the gracious sharing of information here. People are more than generous with their hard-won knowledge.

    Thanks to all y'all!
  7. Couldn't agree more. Thank you jedimaster for expressing the sentiment, and to all for making the Hermes PF what it is!
  8. well said....i'm so grateful for how helpful and kind everyone is here!
  9. :heart: :heart: GROUP HUG!!!!!!:heart: :heart:
    You're right, Jedi. It's nice to be part of a forum where the interest and compliments are genuine and the "one upsmanship" is non-existent. Sometimes forums like this become a competition and jealousy often occurs. It just does not exist here, whether you have 10 H bags or are still looking for your first one.
  10. What a nice post! I echo the sentiments; I've gotten to know some incredibly wonderful members here this past year--and even had the good fortune of meeting some in person, and it's been great having the members as a sounding board when friends can't act as one b/c they haven't been bitten by the H-bug yet. And the enabling and thoughtfulness on this board is incomparable; it's quite heartwarming to receive a PM from a member who knows I've been looking for something and has found it. Some of my precious Turandots and a bag or two have come about through eagle-eyed members. I appreciate you all so much!
  11. ***I agree with all the above and just have to say this Hermes forum has taught me to appreciate what I have and to use them and to enjoy them. It has also taught me quality vs. quantity, and the history behind some of the items I have.

    Everyone is so welcoming, SUPPORTIVE (against Bullies:p ), helpful, appreciative, Great enablers and Cheerleaders, and JUST SO DARN SWEET and NICE!:heart:

    :drinkup: Jedi, I say "CHEERS" and "Let's DRINK to That":drinks:
  12. Oh MAN! I can't even THINK about buying anything without passing it by my friends here. In fact, I start my day out every morning with a cup of Coffee in my "Oiy Vey" mug (sent to me by my friend who I met right here on tPF) and an hour or two on tPF!!!!!

    um....BTW.......anyone in need of enabling??????
  13. You already enabled me today...without even knowing it, however, I could always add to my want list....
  14. Thanks for starting this thread. Although I do not post frequently and I scour the threads daily and it has been a huge resource. Everyone has been very helpful and honest. Also, I sound less idiotic when I talk to my SA!
  15. :blush:

    That's so SWEET! And TRUE! I keep telling my DH that you gals (and guys!) are such fun! And that I really look forward to coming and checking out the forum every day.

    And looking/lusting on all the yummy H stuff on this forum! YAY!