Forgive me if this should be in "shopping" section, but does FSH accept Visa?

  1. My sister has a trip to paris coming up, and she is planning to shop. She is looking for a credit card that has lower transactional cost for Euro to USD transactions. Visa may be less than AmEx, but question, do the Hermes stores in Paris accept it. If not, does anyone know which cards they accept. Thanks.
  2. When I was there in 2000 all I had was a Visa card, so they must have - LOL!
  3. Oooh I hope so!!! I'll be there in July with my visa ready!! DH and I have the same Amex card so I definitely don't want to use that!!!:push:
  4. LMAO! PGN - My DH & I are the same! I have my own Mastercard and then a joint AMEX with DH......luckily, he doesn't see the statement for the Mastercard....and it's better that way!!
  5. LOL! This is how my "dont ask, dont tell" policy works as well.

    And, Orange Box = Dont Ask.

  6. LOL - I'm glad it's not just me!
  7. Yes, definitely they do. I used only Visa on my recent trip.
  8. I know they except Visa & AmEx...but let your Visa CC know you may be making a big purchase ahead of time.

    Last time I was there, my Visa was denied for possible security fraud but luckily the AmEx pulled through. It was still so very embarrassing:shame:

  9. Great tip Potiron - I always let my card holders know about a big purchase or, in fact, if I am going to be abroad :yes: .

    They're less likely to query your purchases this way (but it doesn't always work :rolleyes: ).
  10. ^ Potiron, it was the opposite for me. We had so much problems with Amex on our first trip to Europe. For every single transaction (even very minor ones), we had to ring Amex up to approve it. Imagine how much overseas calls we had clocked up. :yucky:

    :back2topic: FSH certainly accepts all major credit cards.
  11. Yes, they do. I was there in February, and they were all too happy to take my VISA card (aka Carte Bleue in France) :smile:

  12. Visa is the most common/most widely accepted credit card in Europe. For some -strange- reason in France they call it Carte Bleue. It is accepted anywhere and everywhere. American Express is more problematic because they charge a higher percentage to the shops.
  13. Some banks like Citibank charge a hefty surcharge for foreign exchange purchases. Not sure how much Amex charges, and I've read that Capital One doesn't charge at all. To avoid surprises, make sure you call your bank beforehand to see what their policy is.
  14. I call my CC company before I go--I tell them what cities I'm going to, when, and if I'm planning a big purchase to put it on the notes. Never had a problem.
  15. I thought its accepted everywhere.. why wouldn't it?!!