Forgive me if its been asked before- I'm interested in Source of Bag Statistics...

  1. I am interested in learning how many of your birkin and kelly bags were bought (1) from Hermes stores; (2) new from resellers; (3) 2nd hand. If you can humor me on this one, I know it was asked before but not exactly in this detail. I suggest a running count, I will start:

    (1) Hermes: 2 birkins/1 kelly
    (2) New from Resellers: 0 birkin/0 kelly
    (3) 2nd Hand: 0 birkin/0 kelly

    Yes I know this is silly but as you guys can probably tell, I am fascinated by numbers and statistics of all kinds. I bet some of you are too!
  2. I'll be honest, I could not afford to purchase all of them new from the boutique. It took me several years of saving and also with selling off some of my LV handbags that I didn't use & Chanel clothing that I didn't wear.

    I purchased 1 Birkin from the Boutique, 1 from a respected reseller under retail price. I purchased my 3 Kellys under retail from respected resellers.
  3. To date...

    1 Birkin (Boutique)
  4. So far:
    Hermes: 1 Evelyne
    Next year hopefully a Kelly from the same Hermes store. :shame:
  5. Thus far we have:

    (1) Hermes: 4 birkins, 1 kelly

    (2) New/reseller: 1 birkin, 3 kellys

    (3) 2nd Hand: 0/0

    Japster I can relate to the "too expensive" issue -especially now. my birkins are several years old and, ironically, in retrospect seem reasonable.
  6. My Hermes family:
    3 birkins --
    1 new/reseller purchase
    2 preowned purchases
  7. (1) Hermes: 4 birkins/ 3 kelly
    (2) New from Resellers: 0 birkin/0 kelly
    (3) 2nd Hand: 0 birkin/0 kelly

    1 SO from Hermes hopefully to arrive in 2007 :P
  8. (1) Hermes: 0 birkins/ 0 kelly
    (2) New from Resellers: 1 birkin/2 kelly
    (3) 2nd Hand: 0 birkin/0 kelly

    One of these days I'll have to buy SOMETHING from our H store here in Toronto!!!:nuts:
  9. is there any reason you only care about the source of kelly and birkin bags? i noticed that crochetbella politely responded to your post with the relevant info on the hermes bag that she has and you ignored that.
  10. oops I didn't realize it was just Kelly/Birkins! :P
  11. Everything so far has been from Hermes. That includes 1 Bolide and 2 Kellys.
  12. I certainly didnt mean to be impolite - the reason I asked about these two in my initial post, is that these are the only models that the stores historically have maintained waiting lists - traditionally hard to find bags - thats why I was interested in how people have acquired those two.
  13. 2 birkins 1 kelly
    1 birkin from hermes
    1 birkin nearly new from reseller slightly over retail
    1 kelly used under retail
  14. (1) Hermes: 3 birkins/ 1 kelly
    (2) New from Resellers: 0 birkin/0 kelly
    (3) 2nd Hand: 0 birkin/0 kelly

    i wouldn't mind buying a vintage croc birkin or kelly from a reputable reseller
  15. 2 Kellys, 2 Birkins :
    2 kellys, 1 Birkin - local Hermes boutique
    1 birkin, off the shelf :shocked: , - Boston boutique!:yahoo: